How to keep your home safe in cold weather

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HOSUTON —  Brr! There's only one thing we can say about the weather right now — it’s so cold!

The best place to be is inside with the heat on full blast. But be mindful, with lower temperatures comes higher responsibility.

A north Houston home went up in flames Thursday night leaving one man burned and blistered, all because of the space heater.

The Bellaire Fire Department said we should service our heating systems once a year to make sure the coils aren't covered with gunk and there's no crack in the furnace and if you are using a space heater safe placement is key.

To keep your pipes from freezing or bursting due to winter weather, simply grab some insulation and wrap them up.

Officials also recommend covering plants and making sure pets, along with our neighbors are warm as well.

Together, let's make it a warm and safe holiday for everyone.