Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting Houston woman

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HOUSTON — Police are investigating after a woman claims an Uber driver sexually assaulted her over the summer in Houston, court documents said.

Qahtan Ghassan Talib, 35, answered the victim’s request for an Uber in mid-June.

The Houston Police Department said the woman had been drinking at a friend’s house before walking over to a Chevron gas station in the 6100 block of Irvington Boulevard. The woman’s husband was babysitting and told his wife to catch an Uber, court documents said.

Court records said the woman was inebriated when Talib arrived, and he escorted her to his car and helpedher climb into the front passenger seat.

The passenger and the driver have different stories about what happened next.

The woman claims she fell asleep inside the car but woke up when she felt Talib’s hand under her skirt, court documents said. Investigators said the woman jumped out of the car and ran to a second man who was pumping gas. The stranger walked the woman back to the gas station, court documents said.

The woman claims Talib pulled her underwear partially down, court documents said.

Talib claims he only touched the woman’s neck when fastening her seat belt, and he only reached down to move her purse to the floor in front of her, court records said.

Police reviewed surveillance footage from that night and said Talib is seen walking the woman to her car. Once in the car, Talib remained parked for about 10 minutes before the woman got out of the vehicle, officers said.

Investigator said Talib could not explain what happened during that time.

Talib was arrested. His bail is set at $30,000.