Now Hiring! First-ever ’emoji translator’ job in London

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LONDON — Is your New Year's resolution to spice up your professional life? How about a new country?

If London tickles your fancy, a translation firm there is hiring the world's first official emoji translator!

The main job is decoding the meaning of different emojis across several cultures and languages.

The go-to emoji when you're laughing your butt off is the crying smiling face. But in the Middle East, the same emoji is used for expressing crying in grief.

The emoji translator's job is to help avoid messages getting lost in translation. Their first assignment is to translate a client's diary into emoji.

To see if you make the cut, there is an online application. The questionnaire asks applicants to decode certain emoji messages and translate English into emoji.

But if you are trying to land this gig, you better get up with the times because the Emojipedia is growing by the hundreds.

Christmas came early with the latest December emoji update. In loving memory of Harambe, he is reincarnated in emoji form.

Plus, there is avocados for the basic chicks, Pinocchio for the liars, and uhhh . . . a creepy clown?!?!

Man just when you were trying to forget 2016 ever happened emojis are not letting it go!