Two arrested after prostitution bust at massage parlor in north Houston, officers say

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(Left) Liping Yu, 37, and Tian Wang, 33, are charged with prostitution.

SPRING, Texas — Two women were behind bars Tuesday following an undercover investigation at a massage parlor in north Houston, the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman’s Office said.

Liping Yu, 37, and Tian Wang, 33, are charged with prostitution.

Officers arrested the women Dec. 8 at the QQ Spa in the 4900 block of FM 2920.

The spa caught the attention of authorities after several residents called complaining about the establishment, the office said.

“The businesses and citizens of north Harris County have made it clear that they refuse to just stand by and allow their communities to deteriorate to the point where prostitution is looked upon as a normal part of our local society,” constable Mark Herman said.

The women are being held at the Harris County Jail.

Yu’s bail is set at $500, and Wang’s bail is set at $1500 because it was her second offense.

“These types of illegal activities seem to attract other bad elements such as drug dealers and users, thieves and others who would prey upon our local residents.  This type of activity will not be overlooked, tolerated or condoned within our local communities where we live and raise our children,” Herman said.