Waco Zoo hosts baby shower for pregnant orangutan — nearly 400 items on registry at Target 

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WACO, Texas — Whether you love them or hate them, many of us have gone to your fair share of baby showers! However, you have probably never been to an orangutan's baby shower.

Those of you who haven't — here's your chance! The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco is hosting a baby shower for orangutan couple Mei and KJ.

The gender of the baby ape has not been announced, but the zookeepers are going the whole nine yards. The employee's have even set up a Target gift registry for the baby to be.

The list has more than the bare necessities — this registry is bananas!

Zoo workers registered the mama for a whopping 404 items, including to flannels, blankets, towels, bowls, baby oils and toys. Even baby orangutans need tender loving and care.

But wait! Is that an Adele CD on the registry? And SpongBob-themed bubble bath? An iTunes gift card?

The zoo also suggests Christmas lights, A Hercules DVD, a GoPro, an iPod shuffle, female body spray and other suspicious items.

We're not sure if all these products are for the baby orangutan.

Maybe the Jungle Book was right all along, maybe they do want to be just like us!