Lawsuit filed against Houston’s White Oak Music Hall

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HOUSTON — It's the “Battle of the Bands” if you will.

White Oak Music Hall opened in April and the venue has quickly become a hot spot in H-town with headlining acts like Morrissey and the Pet Shop Boys.

But with loud music comes lots of controversy.

In September, White Oak battled the City of Houston to acquire permits for the venues permanent stage, which the City now says has already been purchased.

Residents in the quiet community surrounding the music complex turned their volume up a notch Wednesday, demanding for White Oak Music Hall to turn the music down! The residents claim the sound is so disruptive their children are traumatized.

Now everyone's headed to court. Nine neighbors on behalf of the community filed a lawsuit against White Oak to stop, what they call, the noise nuisance from pouring into their homes from three outside stages.

The city said their permit does not exempt White Oak from complying with the city's sound ordinance.

White oak tells Newsfix, “The charges of undue sound nuisance are unfounded as White Oak Music Hall operates within the city of Houston sound ordinance and will continue to do so when operating its fully permitted lawn stage.”

Residents, however, do not agree. The neighborhood has filed an injunction to stop the outdoor concerts altogether that will be presented Thursday in court.

And attorneys say they won't stop there.

Sounds like the community's just going to get louder and louder until their voices are heard.