Grand jury to review death of inmate found hanging in cell at Rosenberg jail

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HOUSTON — Questions surrounding another local inmate's death are closer to be answered.

A Fort Bend County grand jury will hear the case of 33-year-old Joseph Gunter, who was found hanging in cell at the Rosenberg city jail back in October.

“To see if there's any criminal charges to be filed in this particular case.... to investigate if any malfeasance, if any harm was done to the defendant, or done to the person in custody," Gunter's lead attorney, Augustin Pink said.

Gunter was originally stopped for walking on the wrong side of the street. Hours later, Gunter was found dead in his jail cell, hung by his own belt.

"We do not believe that he did this, and we're praying for whoever is responsible is held accountable,” his sister, Victoria Nowak said.

The family met with the Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office Friday morning to discuss the grand jury proceeding set for Dec. 27.

“They will hear all the evidence that has been collected by a joint investigation of the Texas Rangers as well as an experienced investigator from my office,” Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey said.

The family does not believe Gunter would have ever committed suicide and says the belt should have never been with him in the jail cell to begin with.

"Hopefully we get justice, it's just a waiting game for now... We would like to see someone accountable," Erica Reyes, the mother of Gunter's son, said.

Details about that fatal night are still being investigated.

“He did not do this to himself, and we stand by what we believe,” Reyes said.