$7,500 raised at neighborhood bake sale to stop White Oak Music Hall

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HOUSTON — Most of us love Christmas carols, but three Houston neighborhoods hope to sing Silent Night even after the holidays are over.

Local families have banded together to keep bands from rocking out at the White Oak Music Hall by filing a lawsuit on the ear-piercing concert complex.

It's time to listen to the children who can't sleep at night— whose houses shake. And yank the permits on White Oak Music Hall, so this community can live its life peaceably," attorney Cris Feldman said at a news conference he hosted about the issue.

The group hosted a bake sale through the weekend to help raise $7,500 for a bond to kill the venue's outdoor speakers until a court hearing Jan. 12.

“They’re not willing to negotiate or meet us in the middle at all. This is a big step for us," resident Katie Crippen said.

The neighborhood — children and all — and Feldman went to the civil court house to file the temporary restraining order.

White Oak declined to make make a statement, residents said.

"The charges of undue sound nuisance are unfounded as White Oak Music Hall operates within the city of Houston sound ordinance," Feldman said.

The venue has a huge fan base so not having outdoor concerts is going to be a tough blow for business and H-town's growing music scene, but those affected most by the concert hall's noise care more about their peace over profits.

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