Colorado mom leaves toddler in freezing car overnight

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THORNTON, Colo. — A near-frozen toddler was rescued after being trapped inside a parked car for seven hours in Colorado, the Hudson Police Department said.

The child's mother told police she'd been in an accident and left her car overnight with the baby on-board. Given the freezing temperature, the little kid is lucky he's alive. Although he did suffer frostbite and hypothermia.

"Hypothermia in extreme cases can be deadly," Dr. Jared Scott of the Swedish Medical Center said. "Whereas frostbite, there can be dire consequences, such as losing fingertips or the tip of your nose."

Now a judge will decide the consequences for the mother.

Meanwhile, three police officers are on the hot seat for breaking into a Subaru to save a life in New York.

Sgt. Randy Clarke of the HPD, "Found a snow-covered car, frosted windows, and it looked like it had an old woman, an elderly woman frozen in the front seat."

Imagine their shock when the fully-clothed, life-sized grandmother — with liver spots and all — turned out to be a mannequin! This stiff turned out to be a CPR training device and her owner was ticked.

So, the cops were fooled this time. But said they would smash a window again to save a life. No telling whether the police department will pay for the car's damages.

Call it a mannequin challenge!

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