Seriously, death threats? Electoral college tense on day of re-vote

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It's December 19th, the day Hillary Clinton holds onto with a tiny glimmer of hope.

Many Democrats have hopes electors will change their minds while casting their votes for out next president.  However, the possibility of enough electors switching sides is slim.

It means President-elect Donald Trump's victory is all but done.

Yet, the odds are not stopping Democrats from trying to persuade Republican electors.

Filmmaker Michael Moor went on Facebook urging electors to go rogue in a quite lengthy post.

"If you don't vote for him, your state will fine you $1,000. I will personally step up to pay your fine," Moor said.

Meanwhile, "Vigils for America" and nationwide anti-Trump protests are taking place. The vigils ask those against Trump to "light a candle to show your support for the brave electors voting their conscience."

"These people not only called for the burning of myself but my family. Which is completely out of line," Michael Banerian said.

The Texas elector who said he would not be voting for Trump is feeling the hate, too. He received a letter saying, "you vote for Trump or we rape your wife and daughters with a knife before we kill you."

What the actual heck is going on?! Both sides need to calm down.

But this year over yet?

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