James Coney Island unveils a unique dish for the holidays: the Tamale Dog

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HOUSTON - Around these parts....it's just not Christmas without tamales.....And 'hot dogs?!'

Yep, just in time for the holidays, James Coney Island has rolled out its latest concoction-- the tamale dog.

"It's basically a traditional tamale with a weeny in it!" JCI customer Charles Thomas laughed.

"Tamales are popular this time of year, so we thought why not kind of kick it up a notch...do something different, something fun...and merge the hot dogs that we're famous for- with the tamale plates....tamales that are popular this time of year," JCI's Director of Marketing Michelle Holmes announced.

Yeah, it's quite a twist on the traditional tamale...with plenty of local flavor.

"We actually sourced the Kielbasa Sausage from Slovacek, which is out of [Snook], Texas," Holmes explained. "The recipe for the masa is from one of our own managers...but then we sourced it here locally."

The new $6 Tamale Dog seems to be a big hit, too!

"It's really good!" Thomas chuckled.

"It's gotten a lot of buzz on social media for sure, so that's kinda...it's picking up from that," Holmes said.

"They're really good," another customer, Thomas De Leon, said. "I wouldn't tell my mom, you know, but they're good. I really like 'em. They're better than my mom's."

"Anytime you see me sweat while eating, the food is good!" Thomas agreed.

"It'll at least be here through December and probably first of January for sure," Holmes said. "Maybe even February. But try it now!"