Pittsburgh shelter workers remove two pounds of fur from cat buried under matted dreadlocks

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PITTSBURGH, Penn. - Talk about getting a hairball!  No, this is not fake photography or a furry prop.....hiding under that massive hairball is a cat named 'Hidey.'

'Hidey' is a she, and the poor cat probably used up a few lives trying to survive those dreadlocks!

Apparently, Hidey belonged to an 82-year-old man who developed Alzheimer's and was moved to a nursing home.

When the man's relatives checked on his pets, they discovered one hair-raising problem -- Hidey was covered in a mound of fur!

Vets speculate it probably took years for the fur to become so badly matted.

Fortunately for this feline, the fur was flying after shelter workers in Pittsburgh pulled out some clippers and went to town on those dreads.

The workers say they removed more than two pounds of fur!

Now, this little Calico cat is doing much better since Hidey has a new forever home.

Her new owners say she used to hide under the bed at first, but now she's enjoying her fur-less freedom.

They say she even purrs when picked up.

Now that's a purr-fectly happy ending for Hidey!