Feds warn of ISIS threat targeting churches in America after Berlin terror suspect dies in shootout with police

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MILAN, Italy - The FBI is giving a warning that ISIS is threatening to attack American churches and holiday events this Christmas.

The warning comes as the entire world is on high alert after the Berlin terror suspect-- Anis  Amri-- was killed in a shootout with police in Milan, Italy.

"I am very relieved that this attacker does not pose a threat anymore," German Minister of the Interior Thomas De Maiziere announced on Friday.

Authorities said that the 24-year-old made his way to a train station in Milan, crossing two international borders.

His picture was plastered worldwide as the prime suspect in the deadly attack on the Berlin Christmas market.

Amri and police got into a shootout after cops asked him  for his ID.

One officer was wounded, and Amri was shot dead.

Authorities said they discovered a video of Amri pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

"By God's will, we will slaughter you pigs," Amri said in the video.

Authorities are trying to  uncover any potential terror networks he may have been involved with.

Meanwhile, a Libyan domestic flight was hijacked by two men who threatened to blow up the plane with hand grenades.

Authorities say the plane was forced to land in Malta where the hijackers released all 118 passengers and the crew before giving themselves up.

Malta's prime minister says the hijackers are being questioned.

And in Australia, Aussie police dodged a bullet by conducting raids and arresting seven suspected terrorists who were planning an ISIS-inspired explosive attack for Christmas Day.

"We believe that there was an intention to conduct what we call a multi-mode attack," Victoria Chief Police Commissioner Graham Ashton declared.

"They were in their planning acts of evil," Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews said.

With terror popping everywhere, it's a good thing officials are beefing up security all over the globe.

It's one massive effort to keep "Peace on Earth" this holiday weekend.

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