Police in West Virginia launch new division: The Grandma Unit

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CHARLESTON, WV - Police in West Virginia are rolling out a secret weapon this holiday season-- 'grandmas on patrol!'  Yep, meet the G-Unit...also known as 'the Grandma Unit!'

"That really is awesome that they would pick us to be a unit," Grandma Unit member Karen Smith said.

Eleven grandmas in all were sworn in to serve the community with an extra special mission: to spread love and hugs.

"Sometimes I'm not feeling good or I'm feeling low and somebody will give me a hug, and I'll feel better," Smith shared. "And then I'll share my hug with someone else."

All of these grandmas know the power of love since each of them was once the victim of elder abuse or domestic violence at some point in their lives.

"These ladies are super loving ladies that just really do like interaction with everyone," Kyla Nichols, program director for the YWCA where the grandmas live, said. "They love to party."

Yep, when these ladies aren't hitting the streets, they've been known to party down with some cake and bingo!

Police say the G-Unit will help the department as much as it helps the grandmas.

"Oh, my goodness! It's a win for everybody," Police  Cpl. Errol Randle said. "They feel good by doing it, and they wanna do it. That's what helps this awesome partnership."

"When we're given something to do we take it seriously, and we keep up with it," Smith added.

So, if you happen to get pulled over in West Virginia....forget about your license and registration, and prepare for a hug and some love --  the kind only a grandma can give!

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