Santa’s helper accused of attacking family with mace at North Carolina mall

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DENTON, NC - "Did Santa's elf really just come after us?!" Christina MacDonald asked, after taking her granddaughter to visit Santa.  Oh yes!!

At least that's what this family claims happened to them while taking a 3-year-old little girl to see Santa at a mall in North Carolina.

"One of Santa's helpers started yelling at my mom, 'You need to get behind the line!' Just really nasty," Elsie Brooks recalled. She said the elf screamed, "'You need to get behind the line. You need to get behind the line, ma'am. You can't be past that line!"

"It's very, very see someone in the mall, at the Santa place being that rude and that ugly," Elsie's grandmother, Selma Brooks, said.

"So, we said, 'Ma'am, it is Christmas. No reason to talk like that,'" Elsie said.

But the ladies say Santa's little helper kept up the verbal assault-- and when they took a picture of the worker to file a complaint -- they say the elf opened up a can of mace and let them have it!

"My face was on fire! Just really bad," Selma said. "My eyes, somewhat, still burn."

"My whole face like here...all the way through...all the way down here and in the front of my lips are burning," MacDonald said.

So, the cops came in and charged Santa's helper with simple assault.

And the mall's Santa photography shop says the employee has been suspended pending further investigation.

Hopefully, whatever came over that elf won't spread to Santa!