Turkish authorities use selfie, fingerprints during extensive manhunt for Istanbul nightclub shooter

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly New Year's attack at an upscale Istanbul nightclub which left 39 dead.

ISTANBUL — Hundreds of Turkish authorities are scouring the country for one man whom they believe opened fire inside a crowded Istanbul nightclub on New Year’s Eve, killing 39 people.

In addition to a selfie picture, police have his fingerprints.

Investigators are banking on both to ID the gunman, and figure out whether he had help carrying out the massacre.

ISIS has taken responsibility, claiming it is retaliation for Turkey’s involvement in neighboring Syria. If the shooter is an ISIS operative, authorities fear he will try and slip into the terror group’s territory in Syria. This means police may be running out of time to catch him.

One club-goer shot cell phone video inside the nightclub just moments before chaos broke loose. Despite heavy security, and even with a police officer stationed at the front door, the gunman methodically shot his way inside the club, unleashed the carnage and then escaped in the chaos.

At least eight people have been detained for questioning. But the guy who took the selfie is the one police really want.

As the dead have been identified, we’re learning they represent fourteen different countries including one American.  And in case there’s any doubt, Turkish authorities say they’re pulling out all the stops to find their number one suspect.

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