Little girl reunited with her service dog thanks to NewsFix viewer

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HOUSTON — Did you see the story about ten-year-old Sophia Eden's missing service dog named 'Prancer?'

"Please help us find our dog," the little girl pleaded on Newfix's newscast Tuesday night.

The little pooch escaped from an apartment in the Galleria area last Friday night, and to make matters worse— Sophia's family depends on Prancer to alert them whenever the child has a seizure in her sleep.

But things were looking a bit bleak for finding the little 8-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

Until miraculously, Prancer was spotted!

A NewsFix viewer saw Sophia's story, and the good Samaritan called in to help Sophia's mom find Prancer!

"Somebody saw her on the news last night, and they called me and they just followed her and followed her until I got there," Sophia's mom, Kimberly Beller, told her daughter when the two were finally reunited Wednesday afternoon. "And, she finally came to me. Aww, she was far away!"

"I can't believe it! I missed her so much!" Sophia  said tearfully. "She means a lot! She means pretty much everything!"

"We would not have found her without NewsFix," Beller added.

And now Sophia has a message for the viewer who spotted her best friend.

"Thank you so much! I thank you for listening to us!" Sophia said. "Thank you for helping us. This is incredible. It's just amazing."

As Sophia declared in our first report, "When people are blessed by God, and they help others— that's an amazing thing."

It sure is, Sophia.

Welcome home, Prancer!

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