Houston ranks in the Top 20 cities with bad bed bug problems

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HOUSTON - A new list reveals the top 50 worst cities in the United States when it comes to bed bugs, and Houston is in the top 20.

Pest control company, Orkin, ranked metro areas based on the number of bed bug treatments performed, and Houston came in at 17, the same spot the Bayou City held last year.  Dallas was two spots worse at 15.  Baltimore and Washington D.C. had the two worst bed bug problems.

Raleigh Jenkins, president of ABC Home & Commercial Services, says the bed bug problem is going to continue to get worse in Houston.

"I don't see it letting up," Jenkins said. "There's no silver bullet that's out there today that is solving this problem. Bed bugs are actually building resistance to a lot of products companies are using. That's why we use heat. Heat is a product bed bugs don't have any resistance to whatsoever. "

To help prevent getting bed bugs, Jenkins advises it starts with being careful when traveling.  He suggests immediately inspecting the hotel room and mattress for bugs, stains and insect eggs. When you get home, put all your clothes into the drier, as the intense heat will kill the bugs.  Another trick is to blow dry the inside of your suitcase.