Rappers clear the air over video shoot gone-wrong outside Lake Jackson bank

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LAKE JACKSON, Texas — Did a couple of rappers get a 'bad rap' from a video shoot gone bad?

Angelton rap artists Tru Keezy and Yung Groovey were on a music video shoot in Lake Jackson on New Year's Day when the guys had a run-in with the law.

First, the two rappers were decked out for their video shoot outside a bank.

"And the plan was just for us to go to the bank parking lot, get like a 10-second clip with us jumping out, and jumping back in, and leaving," Tru Keezy said. "Okay, boom—that was done."

But leave it to a technical difficulty to throw a wrench in the rapper's plan. While trying to get a different angle, they lost one of their cameras.

"So, when it fell off the U-Haul truck, we were circling the bank to see if we could find the camera," Keezy revealed. "And on top of that, it was a Sunday, so we thought the bank was closed. Of course, if it was open, we would have asked them."

But turns out, there was someone inside the bank— a cleaning crew who spotted the rappers and set off the alarm system!

The rapping duo says they were later parked in a Target store lot next to the bank when police came calling.

"And then I hear, 'Freeze! Get on the ground! Get on the ground! Freeze! Get on the ground!" Keezy said.

Some reports claim the cops thought these rappers were armed robbers, but these guys say it didn't go down like that.

"They asked, 'Is anybody back there?' We were like, 'Yeah!'" Keezy said. "'Are there guns?' 'Yes, but they're not loaded. It's all props. We're shooting a music video.'"

And then Keezy said they were told,"'Get the ___ on the ground! Get the ___ on the ground!'"

The police inspected the scene, but they wrapped up their investigation once everything was cleared up.

"Usually, if you hear a black guy with guns— armed robbery, they don't know— they come in and they're shooting," Keezy said. "Just because they know it's guns. And they didn't shoot. And that's why I want to commend them."

Now that's a wrap!