Top 5 things to make someone fall in love with you

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Since the beginning of time, there's one mystery that humans can't seem to solve. How to get someone to fall in love with you. Maybe a love potion? Voo doo?

Well, researchers from around the world have studied up and have developed some key "love me" traits.

1. People tend to fall for others who are like them.

Wait! So opposites don't attract? According to the study, it's shared life experiences and levels of attractiveness that are crucial.

2. Look like their parents!?

Yep, it sounds strange. But resembling their opposite-sex parent can make someone more open to romance.

3. This one is about as primal as it gets.

The study says how you smell is an ingredient for love. Ovulating women are more attracted to the scent of men with high testosterone, and men are more drawn to women at certain times of their menstrual cycles. So, rock your natural funk with confidence.

4. Sharing a scary experience can jump-start attraction. 

So, forget going to the movies and try leaping out of a plane together instead!

It's our favorite on the list.

5. The number of sexual partner also plays a role in finding that forever with someone.

Research said the gold number of 'close friends' is six! It's not news that men judge women based on their sexual past, but contrary to popular belief, women also found men with numerous sexual partners dramatically less attractive.

So no need for love spells. Matters of the heart, may actually just be psychological.

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