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Donald Trump briefed on Russian hackings, says Mexico will pay for wall

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WASHINGTON — Some say you have to see it to believe it.  Maybe, this is what it will take for President Elect Trump to finally come around, to the fact Russia tried to influence the election with the help of hackers.

Trump said the low-down from U.S. intelligence officials, linking Russia and Wiki leaks to election meddling, was "constructive" at best.

President Obama received the  same briefing Thursday and said "it's alarming."

Nancy Pelosi calls the intelligence briefing by U.S officials a "quite stunning disclosure."

U.S. intelligence officials said the Russians did so, in part, to help Trump win the White House. But, there is no proof Trump won because of the hacking.

Officials intercepted messages between Russian officials expressing happiness over the Trump's win.

Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange denies Russia had anything to do with hacks. Assange says "our source is not the Russian government."

Soon, everyone will get to see the facts with their own eyes! U.S officials are releasing a declassified version of the findings to the public.

Meanwhile, for all you "peepz" who thought our friends south of the border are paying for the wall — think again!

In a tweet tweet Trump says "the great wall, for speed's sake, will be paid back by Mexico later!"

Ay caramba, Mr. President-elect! Getting mexico to give us the money for the wall will probably not be as easy as cracking open a piñata . . .