GLITCH: Latest social media trend seeks to resurrect Brenden Fraser’s acting career and more

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LAS VEGAS — This week on Glitch, the Consumer Electronics Show proves just how family friendly tech can be.

From Smart Breast Pumps to Legos that teach your kid how to code little robotic creations, CES is continuing to broaden their age and gender markets.

And if all your first world problems weren't already solved, your wait for a hot shower is over. From the comfort of your nice warm bed, Moen's new smart shower system can not only start the shower from an app on your phone, but will warm the water— up to 120 degrees!

And then, remember Brendan Fraser’s pretty good career? One of the latest social media movements is trying to bring it back to life.

From petitions to silly memes, the movement even takes issue with Tom Cruise starring in the upcoming blockbuster reboot, “The Mummy,” coining the #NotMyMummy hashtag on Twitter.

This online legion of loyal fans said he needs the casting calls if only to help pay the $900,000 a year they said he pays in alimony and support to his ex-wife Afton Smith every year.

And finally, if you thought VR gaming gear was only really big goggles and hand gripped controls— then walk right this way.

Check out this strange looking pair of sandals, but this new footwear by Cerevo's Taclim stands to change the way we walk in virtual space.

And the haptic feedback points will actually tell your brain you`re moving in certain environments like deserts, grassy fields or snow.

Finally, kicking butt in games will involve actual kicking! As far as that whole wearing socks with sandals fashion faux pas, we'll forgive you this time.