Texas residents divided over Dan Patrick’s Women’s Privacy Act bill

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HOUSTON — Could there be an end to potty privacy in Texas soon?

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick filed his Women's Privacy Act and like North Carolina's bathroom bill, it would require people to use the bathroom of their birth sex. The state received serious backlash from athletic organizations and celebrities a like.

Several supports of Patrick's bill said they are worried about the safety of their children, but its opponents believe the "it's for the kids" justification is just a distraction.

"It's already illegal for criminals and child molesters and pedophiles to be in bathrooms and assault children, we don't need another law that discriminates against a certain sector of our society. That sets a bad example as a parent for my children," Clay Sands said.

It's been predicted, the bill could cost Texas $80.5 billion in tax payers' money.

It seems like butting out of how people choose to live their lives, could save our state a whole lot of green!