Tom Herman gets Twitter flak for pic of his groceries

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AUSTIN, Texas — Folks in Houston were none too pleased with football coach Tom Herman when he ditched the University of Houston and headed to the University of Texas.

But now Herman is coming under fire for a decision that has nothing to do with football at all. Coach Herman sent out a tweet this week, thanking Randall's grocery store for helping him get some food together for his wife and kids who were on the way from Houston.

Herman explained at a press conference, "I've got my wife and 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son and 6-year-old son coming, so just wrap your mind around that for a second."

He posted a picture of his grocery cart and Longhorn Nation called him out for buying nothing but junk! Herman defended himself, saying, "It's been a while since I've been grocery shopping, so."

One twitter user asked, "Did Buddy the elf write your grocery list?" That's a reference to the movie Elf, in which Will Ferrell plays a candy obsessed elf. Herman, again, defended himself by pointing out, "There was a fruit tray."

So at least he tried.

Herman's other move that drew a flag? He gave Randall's an awful lot of attention, but The University of Texas football team is sponsored by H-E-B! One twitter user, clearly still bitter that Herman left Houston, predicted, "He'll be applying for a Kroger plus card next year and will take 3 cashiers and the produce guy with him."

Let's just hope Herman makes better decisions with his playbook.