GLITCH: Gaming nostalgia, hit soundtracks and dating apps

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What's old is new again!

Thanks to the company Retro-Bit and a little nostalgia, the Gameboy is back! Only the 2017 version is called the Super Retro Boy and was unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new version adds a 10-hour rechargeable battery and a back lite, which we definitely could have used before. And the retro boy fits all Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance cartridges.

Now, if only we can remember where we put them all.

Speaking of retro, the game Monopoly needs our help. The 84-year-old board game's looking to replace all of the tokens so they can reflect more current times. Until Jan. 31, visit and choose from 50 possible pieces. A penguin, t-Rex, bathtub, emoji's or even hashtags. Here's to Hasbro for trying to monopolize on a way to keep their game current, just wish we could get paid more for passing go. That $200 was never enough.

For the first time in more than 18 years, movie soundtracks reign supreme over the Billboard 200-album charts. 'Trolls,' 'Suicide Squad' and 'Sing' all broke the top ten with the animated flick 'Moana' landing the No. 2 spot. Even more surprising is the fact that people still buy albums.

The dating app Bumble is changing the rules of the game again.

The woman makes the first move platform has seen over 10 million registered users since launching in 2014. Now the app will allow those users to upload a 10 second video every 24 hours to help pitch themselves, and give potential dates more of an insight to who they are. It's the Snapchat meets Tinder of dating apps.

Happy swiping, everybody!