5 most germ-infested surfaces during Flu season

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Think we left flu season back with the holidays? Nope! It’s still alive and kicking.

“We’ve diagnosed quite a few cases of Flu A and Flu B,” physician assistant Rebekah Rick said.

The flu virus can live on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours, but doctors at American Family Care say some surfaces are worse than others.

Like the gas pump! Even the sick have to get gas to restock on fluids, Kleenex and medicine. And showing your friends a viral video on your cell phone or tablet could be a lot more ‘viral’ than you thought.

While it’s rude to refuse a handshake, applying sanitizer the minute they’re out of eye shot is totally acceptable.

Public pens are the No. 2 culprit. No one signs on for a fever and chills.

What’s worst of the worst, debit card machines! So many fingers on all those buttons. Use your knuckle!

It’s not too late for a flu shot, and the best defense against germs is always wash your hands!

If you feel the flu coming on, most doctors recommend acting fast.

“If they come in between the first 24 and 48 hours we can treat with prescription antiviral medication. The problem is if you wait too long. It is a virus it has to run its course,” says Rick.

The Center for Disease Control said flu season peaks between December and March but can last into May. So do what you can to avoid the germs.

No one wants to use their sick days actually being sick, right?

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