Cell phone batteries with built-in fire extinguishers invented at Stanford University

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STANFORD, Calif. — It's good news for anybody who lived through the Samsung flaming cell phone debacle.

Researchers at Stanford University have invented a fire extinguisher for lithium ion batteries, like the ones in cell phones.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was the main culprit, causing one too many fire scares. Even devices like hoverboards were catching fire, most likely because of their batteries.

The Stanford design uses a tiny capsule of flame retardant that sits in the battery fluid. If it gets too hot, the shell melts and the fire-stopping material is released. Researches reported fires were extinguished in less than half a second during tests.

Previous attempts at incorporating flame retardants into batteries have reduced their performance, but experts say the new invention could lead to better, safer batteries.

In a world that's being taken over by electronics, that sounds like a good thing.

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