Houston ranks high among U.S. cities with heaviest credit card debt

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HOUSTON — Houston, we have a problem.

The Bayou City ranks among the top 21 percent of cities with the highest credit card debt, according to analysts at WalletHub. Basically, we are spending more money than we have!

Let's talk numbers.

In Houston, the average credit card balance is $6,114 while the median income is $27,445. We could rack up $2,261 in interest in the time it takes to pay off the balance. And it's expected to take more than two and a half years to pay off the balance. Fifty-six months is an exact estimate.

Here to help, WalletHub has a calculator that shows user make a plan to pay off credit cards without racking up more debt.

Just plug in information such as your current or future debt, interest rate and your goal for becoming debt-free. It's called a pay-off plan.

When it comes to spending, you may want to cool it a little bit. That seems to make dollars, and sense!