Michigan mayor accused of making highly offensive racist, sexist remarks caught on recording

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WARREN, Mich. — A Michigan mayor is feeling the heat after an explosive tape was released of him allegedly making vile, disgusting racist remarks.

"You know blacks do look like chimpanzees," the voice on the tape says. "I was watching this black woman with her daughter, and they looked like two chimps. Their...their mouths were elongated out...you know, duckish-like."

But the mayor allegedly didn't stop there.

The tape also contains some sick, sexist comments about women as well!

"You think I want to f******* date a 60-year-old hag?" the voice says. "F*** that s***! I'm not interested in any ugly old hag. I think after a certain age they are all dried up, washed up, burned out..."

So far, experts say they cannot authenticate the tape, and the mayor has just one thing to say about it— that it's not him.

"All this is designed to do is to distract, to divide, and destroy," Mayor Jim Fouts announced at an event celebrating the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Local reaction to the alleged comments is mixed, with some outraged and demanding that the mayor resign while others just remain in disbelief.

"I'm shocked. Wow!" one resident said.

"I'm trying to keep my head out of the politics of it," Macomb County Diversity Coordinator Greg Murray said.

"People are so quick to throw allegations out there," another resident remarked. "Okay, but where is the concrete proof?"

"I sat across the table from people here in Macomb County who used the 'N'-word and still negotiated with them," Murray insisted. "I'm not deterred."

So for now, the question remains: did the mayor do it...or is this another example of 'fake news?'

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