What to do if your car is damaged in flood

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HOUSTON -- As the flood water rushed through Houston on Wednesday, many overzealous drivers, with a lapse in judgment, took their car for a swim.

But for those who didn't realize their ride wasn't a submarine, there are things you can do to save your automobile.

"If your car starts to stumble after driving through high water, if you can keep the RPMs up, sometimes that will help get the water through the engine. But once the engine dies from driving through high water, it's best just to not restart the vehicle and have it towed," said Chris Conley, the Service Advisor at Auto Doc in Midtown.

Once you get your waterlogged car to the repair shop, what's next?

"If your car is flooded...call your insurance agent, and get the claim turned in as soon as possible. The quicker the better," said insurance agent Jimmy Lyons.

Then after you've dealt with your insurance, it's time to talk to the mechanic again to see if they can resuscitate your car.

"Best case scenario, pull the spark plugs, get the water out of the engine...put new plugs in it, change the oil and it'll hopefully run. Worst case is, the water will cause the engine to hydro-lock which will damage internal parts, and then you need a new engine," explained, Conley.

So, if your whip has guzzled more than just gas, don't fret.

There's still hope that you'll be back cruising around "Clutch City" in no time.