Is Global Warming causing Houston to flood?

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HOUSTON - By now, it's safe to say the Bayou City is in the flood zone. Right? But what in God's name is causing such torrential downpours? And how do we stop it? There has to be a bigger picture here. Does god have it in for us or could the effects of global climate change be the culprit?

NASA says Planet Earth has won the "Warmest Year on Record Award" for the third year in a row. Meaning 2016 was the hotter than ever and that`s not good news.

Last year, 15 weather events caused more than $1 billion in damages each in the United States, and seven of those were in Texas and one left us underwater.

Sure, saying this one flooding event was caused by Global Warming is crazy. But the pattern of how often it floods in H-Town. Let's just say, there might be rain in the forecast for many years to come.