NFL reportedly gives Lady Gaga demands

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HOUSTON - The Super Bowl is just around the corner and some super-sized rumors are already surrounding the halftime show. Pop diva Lady Gaga will be entertaining hundreds of millions of viewers from around the world during the show, but one thing she won't do is make any political statements.

According to Entertainment Tonight, "Gaga was told by the NFL that she cannot say anything bad or bring up anything about the election, or mention Donald Trump."

Gaga has been a vocal critic of the president elect, protesting outside Trump Tower in the wake of his election. The NFL calls the request untrue, releasing a statement saying the story is "unsourced nonsense from people trying to stir up controversy where there is none."

One indisputable controversy is that Lady Gaga will be flying solo on stage when the teams head into the locker room. She'll be only the eighth performer to have the Super Bowl halftime show all to herself. Even Beyonce had to share the stage with Bruno Mars and freaking Coldplay!

But don't think this year's one woman show will be any less of a spectacle. According to the New York Post's Page Six, Gaga is planning to perform on the roof of Houston's NRG Center, along with being hoisted in the air at various times during her set.

We'll see what happens. You just never know what Lady Gaga will do next?