Young Houston musicians to perform during multiple inauguration events in Washington

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HOUSTON - Washington will get a taste of Texas during the inauguration festivities, and we're not talking about food!

Virtuosi  of Houston is sending a small ensemble orchestra to perform in the Nation's Capitol.

"I've never been to D.C. before and I'm unbelievably excited and grateful. This is really the opportunity of a lifetime," said  Leilani Lawton, who is one of 13 invited musicians.

Each member is between 11 and 18, and very proud to represent Houston at three events.  Their first performance is for a private congressional dinner.  On Thursday, they will share their talent at the Black Tie and Boots reception during the Texas Society Gala.  On Friday, they will entertain at the Friends and Family Dinner Saluting Texas Leadership at the Trump International Hotel.

They'll be playing a variety of patriotic music.

Lawton says, "I’ve been thinking more of the reasons behind the pieces we've chosen and trying to play with more heart."

Kevin Hulipas adds, “I'm gonna be at one of the biggest events in the nation, but it hasn't really hit me yet."

Virtuosi of Houston was formed 10 years ago. The small ensemble orchestra includes young musicians from every race, religion and economic status.

For most of the boot-wearing, cowboy-hat clad kids who left Houston Wednesday morning, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For all of them, it's a huge honor they hope to make the most of.

Hulipas says he plans to, “Learn more. Play more and live more."