Disney reveals title of the new Star Wars episode VIII

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HOUSTON - Star Wars fans are feeling a major tremor in the Force!

That's because Disney announced the new title for the next Star Wars film....Episode VIII.

Get ready for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The new title is in blood red rather than the iconic yellow from previous films.

And some fans say this next installment will be a lot darker than The Force Awakens, in following the trend of episodes II and V.

If that holds up, someone is likely to lose a limb in the next flick, too.

But who knows what really lies ahead for The Last Jedi?

"Gosh, it's tough to say...we were talking about it, I guess it doesn't necessarily mean a single Jedi," David Wahlen, manager at Bedrock City Comics, observed. "It could mean the last of the Jedi's, so it's kind of hard to say, but it's fun to speculate."

"I don't know 'cause there's still Episode IX, so how is Luke supposed to be the Last Jedi?" another fan, Tony Iniesta, questioned.

"I like that they're bringing in some strong women," Rain Pratt suggested. "They've kind of been left out before," she laughed.

One character returning in the next film is General Leia Organa played by Carrie Fisher for the last time.

"Apparently, she finished all her filming for this movie, so it's a done deal," Wahlen noted. "But they are definitely going to have to figure out what they're gonna do from here on out."

The Last Jedi hits theaters this December!