President Trump makes good on campaign promises during first full week in office

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has a lot on his plate to start his opening week in the oval office. First on his to-do list: sign executive actions that make good on campaign promises, such as reshaping trade policies. With one stroke of his pen, the U.S. withdraws from negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership, and Trump begins to unravel his predecessor's handiwork.

Trump calls withdrawing the TPP "a great thing for the American worker."

The POTUS is also instituting a hiring freeze for the federal government, except for the military.

One more signature and he's reinstating the Mexico City Policy barring federal funds from going to overseas organizations that perform or promote abortion.

Trump had somewhat of a manic Monday with back-to-back meetings with several CEO's to talk about job creation.

"We've been tasked with coming back in 30 days with a series of actions that can help stimulate the American manufacturing economy," CEO Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical said.

Mark Fields is CEO of Ford is also supportive of Trump's initiative and said, "I think that encourages all of us as CEOs as we make decisions going forward."

They're also talking tax cuts. Yuuuuuge tax cuts for the middle class and companies. Trumps says, "We're trying to get down to 15-20 percent. Now it's at 35 percent."

As for cabinet appointments, less than half of Trump's nominees have been confirmed. During the first formal press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer played the blame game.

"It's time for senate democrats to stop playing political games with the core functions of government," Spicer said.

Other revelations: the president has officially resigned from his personal company, leaving sons Donald and Eric in charge.

In the meantime, a prominent liberal ethics group filed a conflict of interest lawsuit against the president with allegations he's receiving illegal payments from foreign governments. Trump said the lawsuit has no merit.

Finally, the president is doing homework for his first White House meeting with a world leader. British Prime Minister Teresa May is stopping by for a chat on Friday, and perhaps a spot of tea!