Caught on Camera: Chicago cop tosses hot coffee in motorcyclist’s face

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CHICAGO— These are some tough times for motorcycle riders!

In Chicago, a helmet camera captures this cop tossing a cup of hot coffee right in this rider's face!

"I got you on camera, bro!" the motorcycle rider yells back at the cop. "Yeah, I got you!"

And Chicago's top cop isn't happy about it.

"There's nothing I can say to defend actions like that," Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said. "We expect every officer to be professional."

"It's disturbing that a cop would do that to a motorcyclist," parking attendant Alberto Perez said. "He didn't seem to be making any commotion at all."

There seems to be some bad blood between some cops and stunt cyclists these days across the country, but nothing can justify this!

"We'll have an investigation," Johnson said. "That investigation has been opened up."

And check out this: incredible helmet-cam footage in Washington state of another motorcyclist's close-call with death!

But, 'spoiler' alert! A certain car part saves his life.

It all started when this motorcycle slammed into this sedan.

"I grabbed the spoiler with my left hand, and I was banging on the rear window with my right hand," motorcyclist Seth Diechman said.

He said it's the wildest ride he's ever been on since he held on for dear-life for over a quarter of a mile!

"I just was merging behind slow traffic, getting over— and at the last second— he blows by me," Diechman revealed. "And as soon as I rolled onto his trunk, he hit the gas."

Once he finally came to a stop, things were tense.

"He looked shocked that I was still attached to the car," Diechman said.

Turns out, cops say the other driver was intoxicated and driving without a license!

Now this rider just wants that 'spoiler' as a keepsake.

"That was the one thing that saved my life that day!" Diechman said.

Man, what a spoiler!

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