Fast food worker arrested, accused of smearing blood on customer’s burger

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COLUMBUS, Miss. — Hungry for fast food? After watching this video, you may lose your appetite.

A former fast-food worker has been arrested for allegedly smearing her menstrual blood on a customer's hamburger. Sky Juliett Samuel, 18, turned herself in after her co-worker's mother posted the video on Facebook, grabbing the attention of local police and the Department of Health and Human Services.

“My daughter saw another worker put her period blood and lick cheese that went on a customer's burger,” Tabatha Hollins said in the post.

And get this, the post said the girl told the assistant manager on duty and he served the contaminated food to the customer, anyway!

Samuel, who is the mother to a young daughter is getting slammed on Facebook. We can't even show all the posts because we don't use that kind of language at Newsfix!

"You're a filthy pig. What a great daughter you are bringing such shame to your family and their name,” Dean Garvey said in a post.

Brutal, right? And these are the nice posts!

Joan Mills-Lawlor’s posted: “You are a dirty pig. Your poor daughter gonna be without her momma,,, how sad... dumb move.”

“Was it worth it? Did your child mean so little to you that you would jeopardize that time with her?” Judith Van Lue-Williams said in another post.

Intentionally serving contaminated food is a felony in Mississippi and carries up to five years behind bars.  Jack`s Family Restaurants is promising to cooperate with police and has launched its own internal investigation.

So, still thinking about fast food for dinner? You may wanna think again!

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