NASA scientists announce preliminary findings from study of astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly

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GALVESTON, Tex. - Remember when astronaut Scott Kelly spent nearly a year in space while his twin brother,  Mark, stayed on the ground so we could learn about the effects of life in space?

NASA has released it's preliminary findings at a special meeting of scientists in Galveston, and researchers say Scott's stay in space has definitely made him a changed man.

NASA scientists say Scott's gene and DNA expression and other biological indicators are different from what was measured before his historic trip.

They say it's going to take awhile to figure out which changes were caused specifically from the physical demands of space flight, but scientists feel some changes were likely caused by the extra stress of living in space.

So, NASA hopes what they learn from this study will help in prepping astronauts for future travel to Mars and beyond.

Last year, Scott commented on his lengthy stay while still in space: "Hey, I could go at it another hundred days. I could go another year if I had to."

Thanks to your mission, Scott, many astronauts may get to do just that!

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