Monday Motivation: Slim in Seven

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HOUSTON -- It takes several weeks of a routine to form a habit. So these are defining days for those who resolved to blast the belly fat in 2017! What’s the most common habit-halting offender? “I don’t have time!” I may have been guilty of this once or twice!

Let’s eliminate the excuse right here with the Slim in Seven. Seven exercises in seven minutes.  Perform each exercise for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second rest.

1- High knee fist pump

2- Plank extensions

3- 180 degree jumps

4- Squat jumps

5- Push-ups

6- Burpees

7- Scissor jumps

Throw this in your workout rotation, combine it with proper nutrition and watch your waistline shrink! For more health, fitness and nutrition advice or to work with Lindsey Day go to