Gardere MLK Jr. Oratory competition winner

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HOUSTON — It's Black History Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the triumphs and contributions of African-American people.

In the spirit of the month, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. comes to mind and so does the annual Gardere MLK Jr. Oratory competition. The event asks 230 fourth and fifth grade students to not only remember King's work— but to try and see the world through his eyes. The students come from 24 school within the Houston Independent School District.

"The title of my piece is 'greatest,'" participate Nehdrick Jabier said.

The fourth grader is a student at HISD's Crespo Elementary, and this year, he took first place in the competition.

All the participants were tasked with answering one question: if King were alive, what would he say about Muhammed Ali's contribution to society?

Little Nehdrick treated Newsfix to a private performance of his winning speech!

"When a person is long gone, their voice still speaks," the profound pupil said. "And Ali taught us to stand at the top of his peaks."

The Gardere Law Firm, the event's sponsor, organizes the event to encourage writing and public speaking in young students.

"Ali used his influence to be bold and to inspire. He did it while looking pretty and that is why he's admired," Nehdrick continued. "It takes a great man to modify his views. With Ali and King in similar pages, we give haters the blues."