George H.W. Bush to do Super Bowl 51 coin flip

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HOUSTON— George H.W. Bush has accepted the NFL's invitation to do the Super Bowl 51 coin flip, the family's spokesperson announced Wednesday on Twitter.

It'll be great to see the 92-year-old former president healthy and out on the field this Super Bowl Sunday after the nation spent weeks waiting for him to be released from Houston Methodist Hospital. Bush was admitted Jan. 14 to address a respiratory issue stemming from pneumonia and was discharged Jan. 30.

His wife, Barbara Bush had also been hospitalized with the same illnesses for a short stint and has since been released. So far, the family said the couple has been in good health.

"The Bushes didn't hesitate for one second in accepting it," Bush family spokesman, Jim McGrath, told the Houston Chronicle. "They couldn't be prouder of their hometown and the Texans organization."

Goodell said he first approached the Bushes back in December about participating in the Super Bowl. Then on January 14, the former president was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital for treatment of a respiratory issue stemming from pneumonia. He'd been in ICU before his health improved.

Also in the hospital was former first lady Barbara Bush, who was discharged last week after a successful treatment of antibiotics.

"We're honored to have them," Goodell said. "Obviously, you all know that both of them have had a little bit a setback health-wise recently, but I've heard from both of them and they're excited and anxious to be here."

The 41st president has some experience tossing Super Bowl coins. In 2002, Bush became the first former commander in chief to flip a coin at the NFL championship game. The winner of that game was the New England Patriots, who face off Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.