Houston ice sculpture becomes Super Bowl 51’s go-to guy

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HOUSTON — Reverend Butter of DLG Ice Factory is keeping his cool at work in the days leading up to Super Bowl 51.

"The NFL called us directly to do work. Anything from private parties to large events, that's what we're doing all week," Butter said.

With the Superbowl in H-Town and too many events to count, Butter is Houston's go-to iceman.

At DLG the staff are sculpting everything from liquor bottles, footballs and even replicas of the Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy for the mayhem this week.

Butter got into the sculpting business 18 years ago to take the art of sculpting to a whole new level. He's looking forward to sculpting his next piece for the winning team of Super Bowl 51.

"Remember anyone can carve ice— not everyone can sculpt it," Butter said.