Should NFL players be allowed to use marijuana for pain treatment?

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HOUSTON — Things were getting a little green Wednesday night at the Revention Music Center, where Doctors for Cannabis Regulation and former NFL players gathered to talk about weed.

“We need to bring it to the attention of the individuals at hand that are making these decisions for the NFL,” event producer Rory Mendoza said.

Their goal: for the NFL to allow the use of medical marijuana for the purpose of pain management, and for mary jane to be treated the way the league treats alcohol when it comes to policy.

Former players like Eddie 'Boo' Williams, who played for the New Orleans Saints from 2001 through 2005, says players shouldn't be forced to rely on popping pills to manage the pain they endure from what is essentially their job.

“The old pharmaceutical way, it's the old played out way because we know that it's tearing up our internal organs. So the more natural way that`s the way to go, and I think all people in all sports are going to gravitate to it,” Williams said.

Opiates for pain management do run the risk of a potentially fatal addiction.

While pot is still a schedule 1 narcotic under federal law, 28 states have legalized it for medicinal use already.

Whether players up for this years draft will ever see the NFL relax on pot punishments is anybody's guess, but this sticky situation isn't going to just burn out anytime soon.

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