Super Bowl City Showdown: Who has the best A-listers?

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HOUSTON — When it comes to the spectrum of entertainment in our super city showdown. The only thing to say is in Houston we have some tremendous talent, but aren't Boston and Atlanta just as dope as Houston.

Beantown's the home of Matt Damon and the Affleck bros. And the Wahlberg clan and if you've seen "Frequency" on CW39 you know the name Peyton List, also a Bostonian.

Jim Parson is originally from H-town, and he's always good for a bang.

And while you may think of Spike Lee as a New Yorker, he's originally from the ATL. So are Chandler Riggs and Katelyn Nacon, also known as Carl and Enis from everyone's favorite show “The Walking Dead.”

Clearly, Atlanta is super dope on the small screen, but Boston’s the big screen winner.

But here in Houston, it's cool, we're hopeful.

For the dopest music scene.

We hit the clubs with the Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner to get his take. And wouldn't you know it. We came across the group "Final Draft," hailing Atlanta as their home.

But for all things entertainment, our Grand Champion is the dopest and most fierce woman to grow up on the bayou city stage: Beyoncé! And if she’s not dope, we don't know what is.