Canadian man sentenced to 30 months in prison for smuggling gold in his rectum

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OTTAWA, Canada - Talk about a 'gold digger!'

A Canadian dude digs gold so much that he got busted for smuggling 22 pieces of gold in his body by shoving each one up his rectum!

But, he didn't get away with it.

Turns out that Leston Lawrence worked at the Canadian Mint for seven years, and over a four-month period, authorities say Lawrence occasionally set off metal detectors when he smuggled the gold pieces out.

Since each one was about the size of an Oreo cookie, there was one place no one thought to look and that's where the sun don't shine.

He later used the gold pieces to buy a house in Jamaica and a boat in Florida, but a bank teller tipped off the cops-- and that's how Lawrence got busted.

Now Lawrence has been sentenced to 30 months in the slammer!

Hopefully other inmates don't get any ideas about digging for missing gold. There's still some gold missing, and Lawrence was ordered to pay a $190,000 fine to cover the cost of remaining gold that's still missing.

"The clock doesn't start running on that until the end of his sentence which doesn't mean when he gets out it means the actual end of the 30 months," Lawrence's attorney Gary Barnes explained.

Lawrence was so smooth...."the Mint to this day does not know it lost anything," Barnes said. However, it sounds like his gold digging days are over!

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