It may be National Frozen Yogurt Day, but every day is Fro-Yo day in Houston

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For many cities, cold-weather months like February may not be the best time to enjoy a creamy frozen treat. Good thing the mercury doesn't dip too much in Houston because today is National Frozen Yogurt Day!

“It's Houston, so it's always nice and hot, so it's always a good way to kind of cool down a bit and get a sweet treat,” Anthony Chueng said.

According to the National Weather Service, Houston has recorded one of our top 10 warmest winters on record, which makes just about every day a fro-yo day.  It's also popular because many, like Chueng, consider it a healthier alternative to ice cream.

“It's nothing you have to feel too guilty about eating,” Chueng said.

Our love affair with fro-yo began in 1970. But our hearts really melted in the 80’s when so many different flavors showed up. Toppings are a big hit, too.

“I like Reeses mixed with Gummies.”  Federico Schleter says he usually ends up getting vanilla or cheesecake flavored yogurt topped with Oreos," Micheline Newall said.

Of course, the toppings could slightly alter fro-yo's health food status.

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