Super Bowl ads contain political messages, many directed toward President Trump

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Between the coin toss and the trophy presentation, there's a whole lot to say during the Super Bowl, and it has nothing to do with the game!

If advertisers weren't spending around $5 million per 30 seconds to make fun of our new president's hair, they seemed to be sticking it to his policies or reminding viewers of America's diversity.

Coca-Cola’s ad featured people singing “America The Beautiful” in several different languages. Google Home had the same idea, showing family after family of different backgrounds who still have plenty in common.

Airbnb morphed faces from all over the globe to sell us on the idea, our differences make the world a better place. #WEACCEPT

One thing hard to accept this year? The missing Clydesdales.  Instead of the iconic horses, Budweiser trotted out a story of one man's migration from Germany to realize his dream in America.

The ad for 84 Lumber, a company that sells building materials, begins with a mother and daughter's arduous journey from Mexico. The ad concludes on their website by showing that wall President Donald Trump wants to build between the two countries. Only this wall has a door made of wood and the message: “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”

By the way, commercial costs hit an all-time high this year. We'll see if these brands pay another price for playing politics.

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