Arizona drivers freak out over supposed giant ‘space capsule’ found near IH-10

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CASA GRANDE, Ariz. — And now, it's time once again for NewsFix in space!

We're touching down in the Valley of the Sun where Arizona motorists discovered they may have visitors from outer space.

But no, false alarm! Even though local police, the Department of Homeland Security and a NASA scientist were all called up— they weren't needed.

The suspected giant space capsule spotted in the desert on the side of Interstate 10 near Casa Grande has actually been sitting there rusting for 30 years. But that's because it's not a space capsule at all— it's really just an old cement mixer!

An artist decided to decorate the roadside eye-sore and turn it into something out of this world.

Speaking of 'out of this world,' have you checked out the amazing footage of a meteor streaking across the skies of the Midwest? Various devices picked up footage of the meteor shower, which could be seen from Kentucky to Kansas to Canada. Officials said it landed somewhere in Lake Michigan.

"By the looks of the radar, there's hundreds of meteorites sitting on the bottom of Lake Michigan right now," NASA scientist Dr. Marc Fries said.

NASA's Hubble telescope captured impressive images of this celestial body— the 'Calabash Nebula.'

Actually, it's a dying star sometimes called 'A Red Giant' but also known as a 'Rotten Egg Nebula,' because it contains lots of sulfur that smells like rotting eggs. It's a good thing this 'stinky star' is roughly 5,000 light-years away!

Until next time, watch the skies— and keep watching NewsFix in Space!