Conflict between Houston music producer, Fitzgerald’s starts boycott and death threats

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HOUSTON —  A popular Houston music producer and Fitzgerald's music venue got into a war of words after the venue's nasty email response to the producer hit Twitter and blew up on social media.

It all started after Garrett Brown, known as TrakkSounds, tried booking Fitzgerald's for an upcoming show on March 31. The show included his own album release party and a performance by Billboard-charting rappers Starlito and Don Trip.

"I sent them a professional, press kit email highlighting what I wanted to do," Brown said.

The music producer says it was shocking to wake up to the unprofessional email response.

Fitzgerald's owner Sara Fitzgerald responded saying, "I'm gonna pass on this."

The owner then continued in an explicit rant, including the n-word. Fitzgerald also started dissing the fan base saying, "300 fans that buy little, tip little and create disharmony."

And she ended with a short "No thanks."

"For them to not just simply pass on it but stereotype a whole group of fans and people like that. It was very shocking because I've DJ'd several hip-hop shows and never had any problems ever," Brown said.

After the angry response from Fitzgerald's, TrakkSounds called for a boycott on Twitter. "The boycotting for @FitzgeraldsLive starts now. This type of a response is a disgrace. And I will never step foot inside this place again."

Sarah Fitzgerald is firing back, saying the email is being taken out of context.

"He sent me a song. The song was very racist and very sexist. I did not appreciate the song, I did not want to rent to him because of the lyrics and because of the nature of the song" Fitzgerald said.

She claims she was only using the language in the lyrics to make a point.

"I'm tired of the racial slurs. I'm tired of the derogatory marks about women. I'm tired of it. If they don't want to play here anymore because of that, that's fine," she said.

One Fitzgerald's employee is even getting death threats.

"She's getting hateful messages and she had nothing to do with it. They've said they're gonna rape her. They're gonna rape her mother," the owner said.

The music venue's owner does not believe the Twitter war will affect her business, but says she never expected her email to blow up online.

"I don't think he understands the repercussions that this kind of reckless tweeting has caused."

In her mind, she thinks she did TrakkSounds a favor, saying he should thank her for helping him promote his album.

Meanwhile, Houston artists such as rapper, Slim Thug, and lead vocalist for The Suffers, Kam Franklin are coming to TrakkSounds defense on social media.

Lesson of the day: be careful how one uses their words.

Hopefully, this music beef can be squashed soon.

To check out the entire Twitter war, visit TrakkSounds and Fitzgerald's accounts.