Court of Appeals judges hear arguments from both sides on Trump’s controversial Travel Ban

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SAN FRANCISCO 1 Court was in session Tuesday on President Trump's controversial travel ban, and three judges from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments from both sides on the temporary restraining order against Trump's order.

"I actually can't believe that we're having to fight to protect the security, in a court system, to protect the security of our nation," the president said. "I can't even believe it."

Court was held in California, but both sides delivered their arguments over the phone.

The White House came out swinging with their argument for the ban.

"This judgment was well within the president's power as delegated to him by Congress," Justice Department Special Counsel August Flentje declared. "And it is constitutional as the court in Boston recently held."

But that line of thinking didn't exactly impress the judges.

"Are you arguing, then, that the president's decision in that regard is un-reviewable?" Ninth Circuit Judge Michelle Friedland said.

"The, uh, yes," Flentje responded.

But attorney generals 'Against' the ban were also cornered by the judges.

"So far, I haven't heard a lot of reference to evidence, and a lot more references to allegations," Ninth Circuit Judge Richard Clifton told Washington state's attorney general. "And I don't think allegations cut it at this stage."

And if you're thinking we'll all get an answer right away on this one?

Dial again.

The judges say they will have an answer as soon as possible, but a lot of folks believe this fight is headed all the way to the Supreme Court.